Basic Food Group Song List as of December 2018

  1. A Day at the Hysterical Farm (Three Squares CD version)

  2. Android Fandango, (demo version)

  3. As the World Falls Apart

  4. Better Luck Next Time

  5. Beware the Cartoon Mouse

  6. Boot Me Up!

  7. Born Out of a Dream

  8. Bump

  9. Climate-O-Fear

  10. Clock Thang

  11. Conceal & Carry Johnny

  12. Coppin’ that Sex Buzz

  13. David Crosby’s Pantry

  14. David’s Buffing Up

  15. David’s Buffing Up (Vocal)

  16. Deep Red Throbbing Q (Three Squares CD version)

  17. Don’t Say Like That! 

  18. Donde esta la Biblioteca?

  19. Drive into the Canal

  20. Emancipated Women in Bondage (Three Squares CD version)

  21. Entering the Days of Lawlessness

  22. Flower of All, The

  23. Foreboding Futures (Three Squares CD version)

  24. Fun Lies

  25. Hairdo Fingers

  26. Hang it Here

  27. I’ve Seen Deadwood & I’ve Seen Mine

  28. Ice Cream Headache (demo version)

  29. The Incantations and Ritual Dances of the Prelude to the Man with the Goofy Head (Three Squares CD version)

  30. It Jit Code Outside

  31. Jump on the Buzzard

  32. Labor Day

  33. Let’s Get Gone!

  34. LuAnn Goes to Denver

  35. The Man with the Goofy Head (Three Squares CD version)

  36. March from the Opera “Love of the Three Oranges” (Three Squares CD version)

  37. Medley: Sabre Dance / Frankenstein

  38. Mumbly Shub

  39. Ona’s Midnight Romp

  40. Slaves to Our Own Impulses

  41. Speed Punk (demo version) (Three Squares CD version)

  42. Stuart’s Left Hand

  43. Suburbs (Revisited)

  44. Tango Me This (Three Squares CD version)

  45. Terry’s Big Dance Number

  46. Theme for an Imaginary Love Boat (Captain Stubbing)

  47. Theme for Mary Lucia’s Radio Show

  48. Theme for Mary Lucia’s Radio Show (Vocal)

  49. Too Juan Pinque (2-1-Pink)

  50. Totally Construed

  51. Trendy Chemical Amusement Aid

  52. Wanda’s Gag

  53. Weakened with the Folks