July 2019: New Recordings, Terrarium Sessions Transferred to Digital

Rik partnered with Jason Orris of the Terrarium Studio to have our 1998 recording sessions transferred to digital. The original sessions, recorded on 2” 24 track analog tape (Neve console, Studer recorder) were in good shape but needed to be baked before transfer to ProTools. Rik then made digital copies for Steve and Todd. We’ll now review the recordings and see what is there. Perhaps some new treasures - such as “The Trio” will emerge?

Also, on July 5 and 6 we rehearsed some of our back catalog, including “Bump”, “I’ve Seen Deadwood and I’ve Seen Mine”, “Speed Punk”, “Beware The Cartoon Mouse” and “Born Out Of A Dream”

The beginnings of a new tune, which emerged out of a funk riff by Steve was recorded as well. Title: “Fruit Salad Surgery”.

Todd Larson