Comments, snippets, jabs and barbs:

You guys could really be successful if you modeled yourselves after André Rieu.
— Louie Larson

You guys are pretty good, but you play too many notes
— Tom DeBiaso

...full of short grooves that worm their way into the base of your spine.
— Paul Goracke, June 1999

That’s not rock!!!
— Bonny D., as heard at The Terminal Bar

I have yet to come away from watching them without a tiny smile on my face.
— Earpollution

If you’re a fan of what can be considered ‘strange’ music contact these guys and get the record. If you don’t you’re going to be missing out on something really wonderful.
— Interzone webzine

..I don’t get it...
— Bruce K.

Steve, nobody plays guitar like you, nobody even tries.
— Justin A.